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By concentrating on original, authentic quality, these noble-grade cocoa specialties stand out against the increasing uniformity of mass production.
My niche manufacturer from Switzerland is a specialist to refine superior Grand Cru Chocolate, which is exclusively supplied to confectioners and chocolate masters.


Noble-Grade Cocoa

Criollo (Spanish "indigeno", the indigenous) original, has become a very rare cocoa bean. In the search for the best cocoa this variety was rediscovered in Central and northern South America.


Ludwig Ratzinger

Ludwig was born in Germany/Bavaria, where he grew up in a bakery/pastry family owned business. After apprenticing in pastry in Garmisch - Partenkirchen Business school, and bakery in Landsberg he came to Canada in 1990.
Here he worked at the Chateau Laurier from 1991 to 1999, and for the Governor General in 2000. He also ran a catering business and taught cooking and baking throughout the region.